Btech Project Management Tshwane University Of Technology

Btech Project Management Tshwane University Of Technology,  If you want to complete an undergraduate Project Management degree in South Africa, you have the option of doing a BTech degree in Project Management at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). The duration of the BTech in Project Management is usually 1-2 years, and some universities offer a part-time option as well.


Admission criteria:

Each university has its own admission requirements, but in general, applicants for the BTech in Project Management are required to have a National Diploma or an equivalent (m + 3 qualification). Previous work experience may either be a requirement or a recommendation. There is usually also a selection process involved.



The BTech degree is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills that they will need in order to manage projects of any size. It covers general project management principles, and could include modules dealing with the following topics: entrepreneurship, project research, project accounting, project management process, operational research, project quality, project resources and strategic management. It will therefore provide students with a solid foundation in project management.

Postgraduate Project Management Degrees


If you have already received a BTech degree in Project Management, you could consider doing an MTech: Business Administration in Project Management.


The admission criteria for this degree is a minimum of a BTech degree, as well as other requirements, as set out by the different universities. This can include requirements relating to academic performance and work experience.

The MTech is a more advanced degree, and equips students with the skills required to manage more complex projects, or to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Masters Degrees:

Many universities, in South Africa and abroad, offer Masters Degree Programmes in project management. However, the degrees that they offer are usually either MSc or MEng degrees, where the focus is on project management within the built environment.

In order to meet the admission requirements for one of these degree programmes, you will usually need to have a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Many universities also request that you have some previous practical work experience.

The MSc and MEng degrees in project management usually have an in-depth focus on the aspects that are most relevant to project management within the built environment. These degrees often also cover the relevant legal aspects – particularly labour law and contract law. There is also a research component that must be completed.

Other options

While most universities in South Africa (other than universities of technology) do not offer postgraduate degrees in general project management, they do offer a variety of postgraduate diplomas and short courses in project management, which can be equally useful.