Tshwane University Of Technology Banking Details

Tshwane University Of Technology Banking Details,NO cash will be accepted on campus for paying tuition, meals and residence fees.  Please make use of direct bank deposits, electronic bank transfers, and credit card payments.  Bank guaranteed cheques are also still accepted. Bank account details:

Tshwane University of Technology
Tshwane University of Technology
Tshwane University of Technology
 Bank:ABSA  Bank: Standard Bank
 Account type:CHEQUE  Account type: CHEQUE
 Branch code:323245/632005 for ACB  Branch code:01 03 45  Branch code:001
 Account No: 405 314 2603  Account No: 011 414 154  Account No:024
 Swift address: ABSAZAJJCPT  Swift address: SBZAZAJJ
 Reference: Student number  Reference: Student number  Reference: Student number

General student account enquiries (Employer and/or Sponsored student Enquiries/Fees and Family Discount Enquiries)
Tel: +27 12 382 5201/5703/5504/5557
Fax: +27 12 382 4378/5947
Email: MoreMP@tut.ac.za
Email: OdendaalK@tut.ac.za

Tel: +27 12 382 4349/4326
Fax: +27 12 382  4378
Email: PhutiJ@tut.ac.za
Email: MakgaleJ@tut.ac.za

Student Account Statements, Debt Collections, Acknowledgement of debt and payment arrangements
Tel: 086 110 2421 (option 2)
Fax: +27 12 382 5701
Email: KhumaloT@tut.ac.za

Study Fees Quotations Enquiries
Tel: 086 110 2421 (option 1)
Email: general@tut.ac.za

Under admin, Debt review +27 12 382 4247 +27 12 382 4738 hlangumv@tut.ac.za Mr Mlamuli Hlangu
Handed over accounts, Deceased students +27 12 382 5477 +27 12 382 4738 mangenat@tut.ac.za Tebogo Mangena
Handed over accounts, AOD’s +27 12 382 4241 +27 12 382 4738 bouchermc@tut.ac.za Ms Connie Boucher

Academic Merit Bursaries from the University

Merit Bursaries are allocated to a range of students from first time entering students to undergraduate students. Its intention is to attract and retain quality students through the rewarding of prior or current performance excellence of academic and non-academic nature.

Academic Merit Bursary for New Entrant First-year Students

  1. These bursaries are made available to newcomer students who enrol for a National Diploma or BTech at the University for the first time after Grade 12.
  2. Only South African citizens may apply for these bursaries.
  3. Students who enrol for special courses, short learning programs and Foundation programs do not qualify for these bursaries.
  4. A student only qualifies for the bursary if he/ she register for all the modules of a specific course.
  5. Students who have studied at other Universities and students who have already studied at the University and who are undergraduate students again, do not qualify for these bursaries
  6. Eligibility is determined by the average percentage of the rating score obtained on the Grade 12 certificate. Only the six subjects with the highest rating shall be taken into consideration (excluding Life Orientation)