Tshwane University Of Technology Music Department

Tshwane University Of Technology Music Department, This Short Learning Programme is aimed at developing skills in instrumental and vocal music, with emphasis on Jazz and Popular music. The programme will focus on developing the ability to perform convincingly and correctly on their instrument in the presence of live audiences. Students will also become aware of the standards required in order to reach a measure of success in the world of professional jazz and popular music.

Who should attend the short course?

  • ​Students who wish to equip themselves with the instrumental or vocal techniques and competency to successfully perform at the nominal Grade II, ​IV, VI, VIII and post-Grade VIII levels in Jazz and Popular Music (depending on their individual ability and/or level of expertise), as well as sight-reading skills at the relevant level of competency.
  • Students will also acquaint themselves with the elements of Swing, an essential quality in the performance of bona fide jazz.

Admission Requirements

Since this SLP is offered at NQF level 5, it is assumed that students already have an NQF level 4 qualification. Alternatively, students should have recognised prior learning or relevant training experience to be able to understand the material offered and participate at the level at which this SLP is taught.