TUT Matric Upgrade

TUT Matric Upgrade

TUT Matric Upgrade, below is the method or some steps to aid upgrade your TUT Matric.

How to Improve Your Matric Subjects


Have you finished matric but your results aren’t good enough to apply for the course you want to pursue? Find out how you can improve your matric subjects and get the marks you need to pursue further education.

Finishing high school is a huge step forward in your life but it also comes with a lot of pressure, decision making and disappointments. This is a dilemma many matriculants face. Remember, you are not alone and second chances do exist.

Firstly, pat yourself on the back for getting through high school. You deserve to be proud, even if you aren’t happy with your marks right now. The next step is to figure out the next move forward. Do you want to improve your marks? Do you need better marks to get into a specific course? If yes, it’s time to lay out your options on the table. You are at a crossroads and the options you have must be weighed up carefully.


Choose a Different Route Going Forward


Perhaps you need to take a route that requires fewer academic requirements than your initial study choice. Before deciding on this option, consider whether or not you will be satisfied with the different route.  Think about everything – from earning potential to passion and interest.

If you have doubts, my suggestion is to remember the impact this will have on your life, in the long run. Similar to the story of the tortoise and the hare, take a step back for a year, so that you can secure a great future. Have a look at this article to find out which career options you have.


Do a Bridging Course


Most universities offer bridging courses or extended programmes for high schoolers who didn’t meet the requirements or don’t feel confident enough to jump into a degree. If in doubt, call the specific department and ask whether or not you can change to an extended programme.