Tshwane University Of Technology Bursaries

Tshwane University Of Technology Bursaries, Tshwane University of Technology invites all South African students to further the education by joining TUT bursaries. The bursaries applies for various fields of study and intend to help the students improve their education with sponsorship. Join us now!


TUT (Tshwane University of Technology) was established in 1 January 2004 and was built during South Africa’s first decade of democracy. The university was the merge among three Technikon and aim to be ore internationally accepted in design. The capacity is approximately 60 000 students annually and TUT is currently the largest higher education institution in Southern Africa.


Available Fieds of Study

TUT bursaries are open for first time undergraduate university students who enroll for National Diploma or Bachelor of Technology. The bursaries applies for any fields of study available in the Tshwane University of Technology.

Qualifications For Bursaries

Several qualification that every applicants msut fulfill to apply for TUT bursaries are:


  • Applicants must be South African
  • Apllicants are first time enrolling for mentioned degrees above after graduating from Grade 12
  • Applicants are not currently enrolled at any other programs, courses or funding
  • Qualified applicants are determined based on the average percentage of score that they obtained on Grade 12 Certificate
  • Only six subjects with highest rating will be considered (Life Orientation excluded): 3 (45%), 4 (55%), 5 (65%), 6 (75%), 7 (85%)
  • Criteria and amount of bursaries subject to yearly adjustment by FAC: 6 and more subjects with average rating score of 5, 6 and more subjects with average rating score of 6, 6 and ore subjects with average rating score of 7 and 7 and more subjects with average rating score of 7 will be determined annually
  • Prior academic progress will be awarded for the students to register again for Undergraduate Qualifications
  • The November exams results will be calculated as the average percentage
  • Students’ SAPSE Credit (combined) must be equal or higher than 0,85 in the previous year

Only full-time students are eligible for TUT bursaries. Students with financial need condition will be prioritized.

Applying For Bursaries

To apply for TUT bursaries, all applicants must attach these relevant documents:

  • Certified copy of South African ID
  • Certified copy parents’ ID of
  • Certified copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of parents’/guardian’s latest payslip
  • Certified copy of latest academic results
  • UIF/affidavit from unemployed parents
  • Copy of death certificate if parents deceased
  • Copy of registration proof of 1 or more members studying at tertiary level
  • All signed family members will be validated otherwise they will be excluded

False information will result to disqualfication and incomplete application form will not be accepted. Applying for TUT bursaries can be made online at

The closing date of TUT bursaries on 15 November for new students and 30 September for returning students. For inquiries about TUT bursaries, contact [email protected]

Good luck!